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Clipping path Business (CPB) has a tremendous experience on Graphics designing. Through this outsourcing process, now you can direct contact with your worker.

Why you have to select a service of Clipping Path Business(CPB)?

Professional paths Quick delivery reasonable price

You can easily upload and download your images every day. You can set a flexible time for you can send us your images on that time and upload edited images also. Clipping path has a various segment on Graphics designing. Actually Clipping Path Business(CPB) always contact with their clients through direct marketing. You can contact with us at any time through our online live support,Skype, G-talk, Whats app, viber , Facebook or E-mail. You can tell us your preferable method that how you want us , so that we can inform you about your project stat us .

Next important topic is tight turnaround time and pricing segment. Our Price starts from USD $ .38, and price is always variable which also depend upon your images nature and category. There are various typed of clipping path service we are offering you, so we have to recognize your images for that category and also providing you an invoice within an hour.  We will inform you about timing and pricing through that invoice.

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Services we offer:
We are providing all types of clipping path related services. If you are searching for clipping path related services then you are in right place where you will get a combination of all sorts of clipping paths services. Through this Clipping path Business (CPB) website, We are offering you this typed of clipping path services. Clipping path Business (CPB) never care about the complexity of those images, We can finished those problem perfectly. Now you can easily recognize tha varriation of clipping path services. Most of the people think that Clipping paths mean isolating those images background, yes they are rihgt but we are talking about the service of clipping paths and next stage of those pathing. At first tell us about that which segment you are selecting for your images.

Our Clients:
For this outsourcing era, It is possible to get our clipping path services from all over the world. So we work with our clients from around the world. We are always ready for solving your images problem. We can make attractive your product through graphic designing. Most of our honorable clients are related with photography and print media.

Benefit of our clients:

  • Perfect and hand-made clipping paths.
  • Get quotation within half hour
  • High speed Uploading and Downloading server
  • Secure FTP server
  • Increase your saling power

Highest Security:
Clipping path Business (CPB) always concern about their clients security. Image security is important in clipping path sector. We never share your images on internet or any website. If you want to ensure your highest security then at first you have to be register in our web site. Now can request for your FTP account’s ID and password , so that you can easily upload your images for your quotation.

Images uploading system Stpe by Step

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We manage all of our clients images through our secure Image Management Software.


  • Basic Clipping Path

    Basic Clipping path or Single Path means that we draw one path on your images. Our designers draw one path in your images to remove the background that is known as Basic Clipping path or Single Path. It is the first segment of clipping path service. Clipping path Business (CPB) makes this segment for our clients so that you

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  • Compound Clipping Path

    Compound path is also known as multiple paths.  When we are making more than one path in your images that is called compound or multiple paths. Compound path is second segment of clipping path service. If you have images for compound clipping path service then contact with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If there

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  • Complex Clipping Path

    For Complex Clipping Path, We have to create more than 50 paths. Actually we need time to make maximum path. As if we are creating maximum path for removing background, so this is the complexity level for this job. Clipping path Business (CPB) always provide you handmade paths. We never use any software or quick

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  • Super Complex Clipping Path

    Super complex clipping is the last segment of our clipping path service. Clipping path Business (CPB) has to make more than 100 paths for super complex images. We have to make this entire path carefully to remove that background of your images.  It is really important to make that path successfully. It takes huge time to

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  • Clipping Path With Original Shadow

    This service is also providing by Clipping path Business (CPB). Without background, An image look like normal product or object. Suppose you want to make it more attractive to your customers then we will use this drop shadow effect on your product.  So it creates a shadow of your product inside the area. Your object or products

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  • Clipping Path And Dust Removal

    Now Clipping path Business (CPB) offering you to Clipping path and Dust removal Service. Our honorable clients have a clear idea about clipping path or photo background removal service. It is the second step of Clipping path and Dust removal Service. We pull out the main object from your images. Now we start work on

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    Dust Remove

  • Clipping Path And Mirror Effect

    Clipping path and mirror effect has also known as clipping path and reflection service.  Mirror effect or reflection means, we are making a shadow of the same image. So reflection mode of its actual form is called clipping path and mirror effect. At first we draw a clear path of your images. Then we have to apply this mirror

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  • Clipping Path With Neck Joint

    Neck joint services have a tendency to be typically used as able to state or add together this neck towards the offering picture. Suppose you have two images one is for clipping path and another one has to attach on your that images like if you provide us a t-shirt picture. We are making a clipping path for your t-shirt. Now you want

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  • Clipping Path With Color Correction

    Color correction and clipping path is also related. We cannot apply color correction without clipping path.  Right color input on right place is the main motive of this color correction services. Sometimes you will get a color problem with your images. It can destroy your products images also. Clipping path Business (CPB) can

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  • Clipping Path And Overlapping

    Clipping path and overlapping is another segment of clipping path business. Customers want to show their product in overlapping format. Overlap means when we merge 3 or 4 different color product at a time. Actually this technique is using for to show the same product on different colors. Clipping path Business (CPB) team is

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  • Clipping Path With Crop And Resizing

    Now we are discussing about our clipping path with cropping and resizing service.  It means enhancing your image quality. We can increase your image quality and specific size.  So you can tell us the specific size also. Like you need an image 300x200 but your original image is 845x1245. Then we will provide you the actual size

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  • Background Removes And Work Path

    Background is the major problem for products images. Background removing is also known as clipping path service but we put here two segment like Background remove and work path.  Clipping path business (COP) always provide quality clipping path with high security. Clipping path business never compromise about the

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  • Image 01 Basic Clipping Path
  • Image 01 Compound Clipping Path
  • Image 01 Complex Clipping Path
  • Image 01 Super Complex Clipping Path
  • Image 01 Clipping Path With Original Shadow
  • Image 01 Clipping Path And Dust Removal
  • Image 01 Clipping Path And Mirror Effect
  • Image 01 Clipping Path With Neck Joint
  • Image 01 Clipping Path With Color Correction
  • Image 01 Clipping Path And Overlapping
  • Image 01 Clipping Path With Crop And Resizing
  • Image 01 Background Removes And Work Path

24/7 Client Support

We are now open 24x7 to provide maintain and service for our valuable customers. Clipping Path Business ensures 24x7 technical supports for all customers and knows better your time is valuable.


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