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Complex Clipping Path

Complex Clipping Path

For Complex Clipping Path, We have to create more than 50 paths. Actually we need time to make maximum path. As if we are creating maximum path for removing background, so this is the complexity level for this job. Clipping path Business (CPB) always provide you handmade paths. We never use any software or quick selection tool to make complex clipping path. Our graphics designers have to put 100% accuracy. It is the third segment of clipping path. It is taking long time to

create compound clipping path. This clipping path process takes much time than other clipping path segment.

Fashion Item: 3 or 4 shirt, t-shirt and pant in One image.  
 Jewelries: Bracelet, chain, locket, Ornaments and Ear rings which will take more than 50 paths to remove image back ground.
Random Example: Flower Bouquet, Natural items (trees, landscapes, flowers, etc.), Animals, Models & human images,   Images with numerous curves, and Product images with mesh outlook like numerous holes, Chair, Table

Pricing and timing:
Our complex clipping paths service starts from USD $5.90. You know that our pricing structure depend on how many paths are need for your images. We provide your quotation within half an hour. Our professional designers take 30to 40 minutes to prepare one complex clipping path. So pricing always depend on timing that how much time it takes to prepare.

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We are now open 24x7 to provide maintain and service for our valuable customers. Clipping Path Business ensures 24x7 technical supports for all customers and knows better your time is valuable.


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