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Our free trial system is very simple and easy, you just need to signing up & login into your account. You can Up-load your images & fill up the form "Free Trial". Within the multitude cases we tend to back you with your images in hours.

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If you have image that need to edit (any kind of clipping path services) just upload your images and please fill out the form below to tell us about your image preferences to request a quote. Feel free, your images are 100% safe with us.



01. Can I put on for trial work?
Yes! To allow you decide our excellence, we tend to propose FREE TRIAL with some condition. To alterfor free trial, you need to signing up & logginginto your account. You can Up-load your images&fill upthe form "Free Trial". Within themultitude cases we tend toback you whenthe entire trial image in hours. This service is only for our new client.

02. How can I use FTP?
For your better solution, please visit our FTP info page.

03. Is my FTP account safe and secure?
Obviously, we make own FTP account for each& every client through altered username & password. Just for you & we can entering into it.

04. Are my images harmless to you?
Yes, all our employees are sign into acontact. Your pictures will not be away of office at any circumstance. Here, our devices are also secluded via firewall for conjointly inbound and outbound safety. We also have the best up to date anti-virus defense for the entire PC.

05. How to request a quote?
For your better solution, visit our Request Quote pages.

06. Will my images be used for commercial persistence?
Absolutely not,we give you guarantee that all your images will be destroyed after finishing point of work and there not be other use.

07. How do I place an order?
(1)   You signing up for a free account if you are new, just takes 2 minutes.
(2)   Then Login to your account by using your username and password.
(3)   Last you can upload your images and submit the order form.

08. How can I pay?
First, you will receive your completed satisfactory work and you will be capable to revise it. After you are happy with it, then we will send you the invoice with all the details which you need to pay, with a link.

We agree to take:
Paypal, Maestro, MasterCard,  Visa, American Express, Visa Electron, moneybookers payza.

09. How can I send my images for dealing out?
Just email the best excellence version of your art work that you have or if there have huge amount of works, we will send you FTP details for file transmission. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is something used to transfer files over the Internet from one computer/server to another.

10. How Can I get a quote for my images?
Yes you can,
(1)   You signing up for a free account if you are new, just takes 2 minutes.
(2)   Then Login to your account by using your username and password.
(3)   Last you can upload your images and submit the order form.

11. Does Clipping Path Business (CPB) offer samples?
Samples which give us an opportunity to:(1) help us to better comprehend your imagery and your style, (2) showcase our facilities to you, (3) get your feedback on how we can serve you fine-tune to meet exact needs. We’re happy to do samples for you once we’ve established details of the project you have in observance.

12. Do I need to compensation for any corrections I might have?
No, if you have any alterations to be made because we have misunderstood your directions or if it is an error on our part, it will be done free of cost with our negotiation. New minor alterations are also done free of charge. Corrections on your part, it depends of time consuming as per our hourly cost.

Corrections as aoutcome of misunderstood instructions are complete free of charge. Further modifications and design enhancement will be charged according to our negotiation.

13. Is there a minimum order requirement?
No, there have no quantity. If you wish then you be able to refer any quantity of images where it is just 1, 5, 10 or just 15 pictures. We all the moment appreciate your business and for all time try to provide as most outstanding service as we talented.

14. What is the maximum file size I can upload?
No, there have no boundaries on the file size or amount of pictures you can send us. However bear in attention that our online uploader can’t upload file bigger than 64MB (each file), but you can upload as many smaller files as youressential at once. If your file bigger than 64MB you will need to use the FTP system.

15. Is there a minimum order obligation?
No, there have no boundary able to send any quantity of images.

16. What are your working hours?
Our working time is 24 hours. Any time, any day; we are waiting for you. Our outsource provide shift base employees works 24/7 days in this way into a year.

17. How can you deliver such low prices?
We are established in a low labor cost region, where our group of house skilled DTP professionals works to perfection outcome. The accuracy and time competence of their work allows us to serve more clients better and with more modest prices.

18. What are your turnaround times?
Completion time depends on the difficulty and quantity of your project; we will confirm you the turnaround time when we have to know your order or demand for a quotation. Maximum times you can expect a transfer within 24 hours; however minor jobs as for 5, 10 or 20 images can be delivered in up to 6 or 12 hours. Sometimeswe recognizethe work is urgent, then we want to support as much as we can in these cases. Just let us identify and we will give you priority.

24/7 Client Support

We are now open 24x7 to provide maintain and service for our valuable customers. Clipping Path Business ensures 24x7 technical supports for all customers and knows better your time is valuable.


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